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The College Men’s Club of Westfield (CMC) has awarded a record $75,400 in four-year scholarships and one-time standardized test preparation grants to five young men from Westfield High School to help them pursue their college education. David Germond, CMC President, explained that “the recipients were selected based on a rigorous assessment of their academic achievement, community involvement, career direction, and financial need.”

Ryan Clark, CMC Scholarship Chair, noted that “this was once again an extremely competitive year for the CMC scholarship program with a large group of highly qualified applicants.” The three scholarship awardees from the WHS class of 2024 include:

Adam Goddard was awarded a four-year, $24,000 College Men’s Club of Westfield Scholarship. Adam plans to study Film Production at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. He hopes to pursue a career in film and TV production.

Benedict Nematadzira was awarded a four-year, $24,000 College Men’s Club of Westfield Scholarship.  Benedict will attend Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He plans to major in Computer Science, laying the foundation for a career in data analytics for public health.

Ethan Witten was awarded a four-year, $24,000 College Men’s Club of Westfield Scholarship. Ethan will attend Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts this Fall. He plans to study Entrepreneurship, with a long-term goal of founding his own business.

In addition to the four-year scholarships, earlier this Spring the CMC awarded two WHS juniors one-time grants each valued at $1,700 to fund one-on-one standardized test preparation courses conducted by CollegeWise.

The CMC will hold a reception to honor this year’s recipients on June 17 th at the home of CMC President, David Germond. During the reception the 2024 recipients will be presented with their scholarships and previous awardees from Westfield High School classes of 2023, 2022 and 2021 will share updates on their academic and career progress.

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