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The College Men’s Club of Westfield will begin accepting applications for its SAT/ACT Test Preparation Scholarships as of September 8, 2023.

The CMC recognizes that SAT/ACT Preparatory courses can have a significant impact on a student’s standardized test scores and eventual admissions success. We believe that no student should be discouraged because he lacks the resources to pay for these courses, so we offer full scholarships to SAT/ACT preparatory courses taught by Professional SAT/ACT Testing Center

These courses are rigorous. We expect award recipients to attend EVERY SESSION, except in the case of illness or emergency. The courses also require the completion of homework assignments. The sessions are generally 3 hours long and are usually held on Sunday evenings.

Please do not apply if you are not prepared to make a full commitment, so that we can assist students who will do so. Recipients will be notified by E-mail if they are accepted for the program.

You can help our cause.