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Agreement to Terms

The College Men’s Club of Westfield provides scholarship funds directly to a matriculating student, NOT to the college they plan to attend. If I am selected for a scholarship, I hereby certify that the scholarship funds will ONLY be used to defray the cost of enrollment as a full time student at an accredited college or university. I understand that if I withdraw as a full time student, the scholarship may be revoked at the discretion of the College Men’s Club of Westfield.

I also understand that during the term of the scholarship, it will be my obligation to maintain a satisfactory grade average, and, at the request of the Scholarship Committee, to forward a transcript of my grades to them. I will also keep the Scholarship Committee informed about my scholastic accomplishments, progress and plans (including transfer, disenrollment, etc.)

I hereby grant permission for the release to the College Men’s Club of Westfield, the following confidential information, and will assist them in obtaining this information:

Westfield High School Transcript
Standardized Test Scores (ACT, SAT)
Common Application

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