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“The club looks closely at those who need the extra help...”

“The club looks closely at those who need the extra help…”

History of the College Men’s Club of Westfield

The College Men’s Club of Westfield was founded in 1922 by a group of college graduates who wanted to provide money for higher educational opportunities to deserving young men in the community.

In the beginning, the club awarded only one scholarship of a few hundred dollars. In 1922, this was a significant contribution to the recipient’s first year of college. The club believed that if a student successfully completed the first year of college, the odds increased greatly that he would complete a degree program.

As time went on, the club increased the number of awards given, and the scholarship amounts as well..

The club has always been run by local volunteers, so that all money collected could go toward scholarship awards rather than employee salaries.

The Club has held a variety of scholarship fundraisers over the years. In the beginning, these events included “smokers,” where men would gather to socialize and smoke cigars; polo matches; and black-tie dinners. Today the club hosts fundraisers that include an amateur boxing night, a band party, and a Texas Hold ‘Em tournament. Dinner speakers over the years have discussed topics that have resonated with the times, including Education in the Shadow of the Iron Curtain, What’s Wrong With the Political Cartoon, Deductions You Might Miss, and Antibiotics.

In 2002, the club launched an initiative with Stanley Kaplan, Inc., to enroll deserving students in the noted Kaplan SAT Preparatory course. The Club funds the cost, and believes that the Kaplan course provides a distinct advantage to those preparing for college.

The Club has helped many students with financial need, particularly those who might not otherwise be considered for assistance. Students who are struggling with life issues, or need to work after to school to help support their families, gain special consideration. The club looks closely at those who need the extra help, yet have a burning desire to attend college and succeed in life.


We have given scholarships to hundreds of Westfield High School Seniors since 1922. We don’t have a complete record, but this list includes most of our recipients in the last 50 years.

If you know of a recipient who is not included, but should be, or if you notice an incorrect entry, please send us a note to [email protected] and we will correct our list.

Howard G. Altschule - SUNY-AlbanyAnthony AlvarnesJorge Amorim - U. MassAdam Andreski - Lafayette CollegeMark Androconis - Boston CollegePhilip AntonJames S. Arbes - RutgersYianni Athanasoulas - American UniversityJohn Attanasio - University of RochesterNick Attanasio - Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityDaniel M. Avis - Notre DameFaraz Baig - Stevens InstituteCharles BarberCharles E. Barnaby III - Brandeis UniversityBen BaronCarl BaronRyan BartholomewMichael Basta - Duke UniversitySimon M. Baukh - BabsonJohn Behrens - RutgersDaniel Berke - Indiana UPaul Bhasin - MichiganDavid 'Andy' Bhasin - NorthwesternAdrian Bizarro - Rice UniversityMaurice J. BlackmonRichard Bonhannon - Harvard UniversityAdam Borchin - RutgersMarkian Borkowsky - Boston UHarold Bourque - Univ. of New HamshireJoshua Brafman - Rutgers CamdenTheodore BrownNicholas Brownstone - CornellJohn Bruckner - Drew UniversityKent Burke - Stanford UniversityRyan Burke - Boston UniversityKen BurkeJoseph Calanzaro - Bucknell UniversityAlbert C. Calhoun - Wake ForestMatthew Caminiti - FairfieldPaul Campanile - Univ. of HartfordEdward Canfield - Worcester PolyBrian Cantor - LafayetteDavid Caprario - Univ. of MarylandStephen P. Caprario - Arizona State UniversityAndrew CapuanoDaniel Caramagno - Univ. of DelawareBrian Carovillano - Colby CollegeJordan R. Cassidy - University of Rhode IslandRobert Cassie - Northwestern UniversityPaul Cavalchire - Bucknell UniversityBenjamin Chacko - Penn StateWilliam Chandler - DickinsonAvon Chandler - Penn StatePanayiotis ChantzisVasilios ChantzisRaymond ChenJohn Chiesa - FordhamDavid N. Chou - ColumbiaAlan Chu - U of VermontJacek Cieslak - NJITKevin ClancyW. Lee Clarkson - Franklin PierceChristopher Clemens - Rochester Inst. TechAnthony Cocuzza - Rutgers UniversityMarcus Cognetti - James MadisonMatthew Cognetti - Cornell or Penn StateCraig CognettiJason Colasanti - MarylandEarl Russel Cole - Franklin & MarshallMichael Comandini - MuhlenbergMatthew Cordasco - Univ. Rhode IslandDean CraneLucas Cruz - LehighF. Michael Csorba - SyracuseTyler CusikStephen Cusimano - Providence CollegeWilliam Cutrer - Center College and University of Kentuky Medical SchoolPatrick Daurio - Princeton UniversityRobert Daurio - Syracuse, MA HarvardMark Davidson - George WashingtonMichael Dazzo - University of MarylandJohn DeDea - RutgersChristopher DeLaFuenteJoseph DeLucaBrett DeNicolaChristopher Dellarso - Hartt CollegeAndrew DeutchmanJohn A. DiBella - RutgersJason DiIorio - Union County CollegeWiliam DiLorenzo - Rider CollegeNicholas DiSarro - Newark College of Arst & SciencesJames Diemer - Worcester PolyGordon Diggory - Western Maryland CollegeJeffrey DreselyChristopher Driscoll - Neumann CollegeJohn J. Duelks - Georgia SouthernDavid Duelks - Methodist CollegeJohn Dugan - Lycoming CollegeBruce Gardner Dunning - PrincetonNoah Eisner - Cornell UniversityRyan Elliott - Holy CrossJohn C. ErtmanRichard Fela - VillanovaTyler FinklerDaniel Foerst - Catholic UniversityMatthew Fontana - NYUPeter Fontana - Duke UniversityDavid Ganz - Montclair State UniversityJeffrey Genzer - Haverford CollegeThomas Michael GerrisPeter R. Gilbert - RutgersDavid Gilbert - George WashingtonJohn GilmartinAlex Goldschmidt - TuftsDavid Gowdy - Amherst CollegeMatthew Gralla - University of PennsylvaniaJohn E. Graves - American UniversityWarren Graves - RutgersSamuel GurdusJonathan Haack - Duke UniversityEdmund Han - TCNJ (?)Christopher Harris - James Madison UniversityAustin Patrick HatchDaniel J. HauckEric S. Heinbach - Syracuse Univ.
Thomas Hendrickson - Bates CollegeEvan Yumin Ho - RutgersLawrence Ho - Harvard UniversityPei-Ran Ho - Stanford UniversitySteven HobsonJeffrey M. Hogan - Marist CollegeLouis William Holschuh - Ohio UniversityH. Albert Holzworth - DartmouthAl-Terriq Hooker - Seton HallLinden T. Hu - Brown UniversityTimothy Huber - Washington University St. LouisMichael HughesJames Hunter - TCNJChristopher Ick - NYUKevin Ingram - The College of New JerseyJason Isbit - U of St Andrews UKChristopher I. Jackson - University of MiamiSteven JacobsenKyle Jason - McCallister CollegePengju (Jimmy) Jin - Carnegie Mellon or DukeSean Joffe - Bucknell UniversityPhilip John - Lehigh UniversityMark Philip Johns - Susquehanna Univ.Samuel JohnsonRichard Max Jones - North EasternChristopher Jordan - University Of VirginiaPaul Jordan - University of VirginiaJames C. Jordan - RutgersCraig Juelis - Union CollegeDaniel Kagan - Rutgers, PHD Univ. of Cal.Kristopher R. Kagan - American UniversityWilliam Kahn - Harvard UniversityCharles G. Karustis - Boston CollegeDavid KehlerWilliam Kelly - Notre DameTimothy Kelman - College of New JerseyEdward Kerins - Franklin and MarshallJohn E. KerrSamuel Kim - New York UniversityScott King - Washington & LeeLeonid Kirylenko - RutgersDonald L Kliesch - UC Tech InsEun (Roberto) Sang Ko - Cornell UniversityMark Kolvites - Boston University, MBA UNCRichard Earle Koppe - PurdueRichard Kostro - GeorgetownSamuel KrauseRoman Krywulych - LehighJoseph Kukis - Stevens InstituteMatthew KukisPhilip Larson - Univ. Calif a BerkleyBrian LedermanMatthew LeonardRyan Leonard - Carnegie Mellon, MA Carnegie MellonLindsey Levine - U. Rhode IslandMichael Liggera - PrincetonRong Liu - Kean University (ROTC)John Lizzo - Seton HallKevin Lombardi - Notre DameDavid A. Luckenbaugh - Virginia WesleyanMichael MagierskiVictor MagierskiBrian Mahoney - Univeristy of PennsylvaniaJonathan MaimonRonald Mammano - Hamilton CollegeJoseph MaranNathan Margolin - Brown UniversityEzra MargolinStephen J. MarkowskiJD Marner - RutgersWillis S. Martyn III - Univ. of PennsylvaniaGreg MathewsTimothy MatthewsGregory May - SyracuseAndrew McCabe - Cornell UniversityMichael McGale - Pratt InstituteLuke McGroryMark J. McLane - Catholic UniversityPratik Mehta - New York UniversityDonald Meier - Ithaca CollegeMichael MelilloGerard Meyer - Univ. of PennsylvaniaJason J. Meyer - Boston CollegeBrian MeyerJonathan R. Meyer - Boston CollegeThomas MeyersNicholas U. Migliozzi - RutgersRaymond J. Milefsky - Bringham Young UniversityJeffrey Miller - CitadelKenneth M. Miller - Springfield CollegeMichael Mondon - U of RochesterAndre Moore - Seton HallSean Moore - Carnegie MellonConnor Moore - Carnegie MellonKevin Morris - Williams CollegeGregory Morrison - PrincetonPatrick Mullen - Lehigh UniversityKyle E. MurayGregory Murphy - Holy CrossChad Muserlian - NYUBrian Muzas - PrincetonJason E MyersJason Myers - BowdoinJesse NataleShakespeare Nelson - Seton HallGenghis Niver - UC BerkleyRonald Nobile - MiddleburyHugo NolascoJohn O'Brien - Colgate UniversityGregory O'Brien - University of ConneticutThomas O'BrienRichard O'Connor - U of Miami (OH)Terrence O'Connor - Bucknell UniversityThomas O'Connor - University of ScrantonWilliam O'Donnel - RutgersThomas Olsen - Univ. of PennsylvaniaChristopher PalentcharEdward Panek - University of RochesterBenjamin Parker - YaleMark Parkham - Stevens InstituteChristopher Partelow - Univ. of NHMichael C. Patella - Fairleigh Dickinson UniversityC.J. Patella - Stevens Institute of TechnologyTyler PatlaBruce Patterson - MichiganJeffrey Pazdro
Michael J. PetrianoVincent Pezzuti - Monmouth CollegeJohn A. Pfeiffer - Boston CollegePeter A. Phipps - Case Western Reserve University, ClevelandThomas M. Pierce - ScrantonRobert PierceAndrew PileckiEdward William Pischedda - George Washington or American UniversityGarrett PryorTravis Przbylski - Westminster College of the Arts of Rider UniversityBrian Quinn - GerogetownSteven Reeves - Bloomfiled CollegeMatthew Renart - Georgetown UniversityLouis J. Rettino - University of VirginiaDennis Riley - American UniversityJohn Ripperger - Univ. of DelawareMatthew RitterMichael Rodihan - James MadisonMichael Rodriguez - GWURobert Romano - SyracuseChristopher Romano - LafayetteJack Rose - Stevens TechJustin RosinMichael RosinNicholas Rosolanko - William Paterson CollegeThomas Rotella - Fairleigh DickinsonAndrew RoystonSteven RoystonAndrew RuotoloMichael RuschmannGregory Ryan Jr. - Penn StateDaniel G. Sabanosh - MITMatthew Sabanosh - Cornell UniversityRohan Saigal - Carnegie MellonRyuichi Saito - Boston CollegeDamian Santomauro - Duke UniversityRyan Santomauro - Boston CollegeJohn Saunders - RutgersDrew SchapowWilliam Schipp - Heidelberg CollegeGregory Schneider - Mansfield UniversityMathew Schoenfeld - RutgersJoshua D. Schoenfeld - College of NJDaniel SchwartzJoshua SchwartzBenjamin Schwartz - University of VirginiaWilliam SchwartzIan SchwartzMatthew Seagull - Ithaca CollegeJordan SeagullRonald F. Sensbach - Gettysburg CollegeChristian Sepe - Notre DameMichael Shapiro - Cornell UniversityJordan SharifMichael Sherry - Certificate American Music & Dramatic AcademyDavid Shiwotsuka - Rensselaer PolyGeorge K. SiberryBenjamin Siegel - Indiana UniversityMatthew Simone - Stevens InstituteKevin SipeDoug Smith - NYUBrian SmithMichael K. Smyth - County Coll. Of MorrisJames H. Smythe - RutgersDavid Smythe - RutgersMichael Soriano Jr. - RutgersCarmelo Spadaro - RutgersRobert St. John - Virginia Poly TechJames St. John - Lehigh UniversityGraeme StahlGlenn Stapelman - Univ. of MarylandRichard D. Stewart - RutgersJoseph Vricella StokesMichael Stokes - Univ. of DenverMichael Stravach - GettysburgZolton Sugar - Colorado Sch. Of MinesRory Suggs - Morehouse CollegeSean SullivanKevin Sullivan - University of VirginiaBrendan SullivanTimothy Szeliga - St. Peter's CollegeCarmelo G. Tartivita - Kean CollegePaul Tatro - Baldwin Wallace College, OhioMatthew TeeseRobert Tilton - Univ. of DelawareMichael Tokar - University of MichiganKevin Toth - RutgersSteven TozierJusin Tullo - HosstraGary Turi - Cornell UniversityAndrew Turk - TulaneHenry TurnerThomas Tyrrell - York CollegeAnthony Valles - U of DelawarePieter Van Court - Landmark CollegePieter Van IperenChristopher Vella - Lehigh UniversityChristopher Vogel - ColumbiaAlfred Waldchen - Duke UniversityJacob Walker - SalisburyAllen C. Waltman - Lafayette CollegeJoshua Wasserman - Northwestern UniversityMatthew Webb - LafayetteJohn G. Webster - Cornell UniversityReece WeinerAaron WentaDavid Wheeler - American UniversityBenjamin WiederMichael WikanderChristopher WilliamsKeith Wittel - Springfield CollegeChristopher Wojcik - Harvard UniversityGlenn J. Wojcik - Rensselaer PolyThomas Wolski - Ramapo CollegeChristopher Wolski - BS Ramapo CollegeTianyou Xu - New York UniversityJimmy Yang - Boston College or RutgersJason Yang - RutgersTimothy L YarringtonChristopher YeagerAlex Ying - University of MichiganJoseph Yoo - American UniversityKyle Yost - IonaJoshua Young - SUNY - AlbanyPeter Yu - Stanford UniversityAllen Yu - Stanford UniversityAdam Ziering - TCNJ
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