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Every Trustee of the College Men’s Club of Westfield I expected to help fulfill our mission, described in our bylaws.

The College Men’s Club of Westfield shall have a two-fold purpose. First, making scholarships available to promising and needful graduates of the local high school, and second, promoting good fellowship amongst college men of the Community.

We take both aspects of this mission seriously. We have raised over $1 million in scholarship money since 1922, and assisted hundreds of Westfield High School graduates. We have also sponsored some of Westfield’s most talked-about and enjoyable events, including our Band Party and Boxing Events.

Not every Trustee is able to make a large financial commitment to the Club, but each is expected to devote his efforts to our cause. At a minimum, this means attending our meetings and paying membership dues. Here are some of the other ways that Trustees can contribute.

Recruit Members and Trustees to the Club

It is the duty of every Trustee to recruit men in Westfield to join our Club as both Members and Trustees. Membership dues fund the majority of the scholarships we grant, and the lifeblood of the Club is a committed, diverse group of Trustees. Both groups need constant refreshment.

Serve on a Committee

It takes a lot of effort to manage a scholarship awards program, run successful fund raisers, recruit speakers, and perform the other work of the Club. Trustees should expect to chair or serve on one of our Committees and contribute their time and skills. Important committees include:

Sponsor and Promote our Events

Every Trustee is expected to help promote and fill our fund-raising events. This could mean buying a table at Boxing Night and inviting friends, or encouraging others who might buy a table. Trustees who cannot offer financial support should consider volunteering to help with the work of running events.

Have Fun

Helping deserving kids get to college is very rewarding, but having fun while you are doing it makes it great. We should always remember that our mission has two parts, the second being to make the Club a fun place for men.

You can help our cause.