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This year’s recipient of the College Men’s Club of Westfield’s (CMC) award for the malegraduating senior earning the highest GPA at Westfield High School (WHS) is Cooper DelGandio. In the Fall Cooper will be attending the Georgia Institute of Technology, where he plans to study Mechanical Engineering with an eye towards a career in engineering and technology.

Dave Germond, CMC President, stated that “the CMC is pleased to continue its more than two-decade tradition of honoring academic excellence at WHS and collaborating with the College Woman’s Club of Westfield which grants an identical award to the female graduate with the highest GPA.”

Cooper received the CMC’s $500 award for academic excellence at the Westfield High School graduation ceremony on Wednesday, June 21st. While at WHS, Cooper played on the varsity soccer team, served as Vice President of the 3D Printing Club and as Treasurer of the Science Olympiad. His academic honors include earning a perfect score of 800 on the Math SAT, receiving the AP Calculus and the AP Physics Awards, and being a member of the National Honor Society and the Spanish National Honor Society.

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